“Belladon is a female fronted, 5 piece synth-pop band. The founder of the project, Aimee Jacobs, started the group with Anastasya Korol at the San Diego Music and Art Cooperative. Both women sing lead and play synth, focusing on harmonies between the vocals and keys. Heather Nation, the band’s lead guitar player and back up vocalist, joined after one rehearsal with the group as well as drummer Billy Petty. SHRUBRAVO* joined after attending some rehearsals and essentially picked up his bass when the band needed a new player. Belladon has been an active band for just over 6 months and has already been nominated for a San Diego Music Award for Best New Artist. They are unique not only in their selection of synth sounds but also in their 3-part female harmonies. The sound is cut from a modern cloth that posesses a certain nostalgia to it: Prince, Kate Bush, or Bjork would swim along Belladon's sonic waters comfortably, yet there is a grit to the sound, reminiscent of PJ Harvey, that sets Belladon apart from 80's inspired artists.” - Posted by DB, Feb. 23, 2018 for Local Artist Spotlight on Rock 105.3 (Edited by SHRUBRAVO*)